Boot Fitting

Over 30 years, Mountain Air has developed a unique method to individualise ski boots giving guaranteed comfort and optimised skiing performance. The success of this is evidenced by the fact that every year clients come not only from Europe but from all around the world to have boots custom-made by us.

Our Process

Once you have made your appointment, our specially trained boot fitters will discuss your needs and abilities as well as understanding the ergonomics of your feet, ankles and knees. Based on this information, they will recommend the boot shells and liner system that best meet your needs. Using a variety of custom fitting processes, we mould the boots to your feet and adjust them for optimal skiing performance.

The process is quick (average 60 minutes) and effortless (for you), after which you can test them on the snow immediately. All our boot-fitting is guaranteed, so any adjusting required is included and there is a complete money back warranty –
extremely rarely needed.

We are also happy to asses and adjust your own boots if you are experiencing difficulties. We can often install our custom liners in your existing shells for much improved comfort and performance. This service is by appointment.


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