Mountain Air Membership

Mountain Air Membership

What is it?

Mountain Air Membership is a loyalty program designed to provide members with exclusive access to, and privileges within, our facilities. Members will be rewarded for shopping with us, with metres. The more metres you earn, the higher up the mountain you climb!

Anyone can become a Mountain Air member and start collecting metres, which can be used for purchases in store, services and facilities at Mountain Air. Once your annual spend exceeds 2’000CHF you will become a member of our Sporting Club.

There are four levels of Mountain Air membership:

  • Six Blanche – No annual spend is required (Mountain Air Member)
  • Rogneux – Annual spend exceeds 2,000CHF (Sporting Club Member)
  • Petit Combin  Annual spend exceeds 4,000CHF (Sporting Club Member)
  • Grand Combin  Annual spend exceeds 7,000CHF (Sporting Club Member)
Mountain Air Membership Grid


What are MA meters?
Mountain Air Meters is our newly launched loyalty program designed to reward you for shopping with us! Through the program, you will be eligible to earn MA meters when you shop with us.

How do I earn meters?
Purchases: All qualifying purchases earn meters for every CHF spent, depending on your membership tier. The higher up the mountain the more meters you earn.

What are the different tiers and how do I reach them?
There are four different tiers Six Blanc (0CHF), Rogneux (2,000CHF),Petit Combin (4,000CHF) and Grand Combin (7,000CHF). 

Anyone can become a Mountain Air Six Blanc member and start to collect meters, once your annual spend reaches 2,000CHF you will become a Sporting Club member where you will get discounts and additional privileges.  The more you spend the higher you will climb earning more meters and benefiting from more privileges.
What are my meters worth and how do I redeem them?
At any time you can use your meters to pay for products, services and factilites
10m = 1CHF 

Do my meters ever expire?
No, meters will never expire however your membership level will expire

Rogneux – Valid for 1 year
Petit Combin – Valid for 2 years
Grand Combin – Valid for 3 years
How do I check how many MA meters I have?
Just ask at the check out or the Mountain Air reception to find out how many meters you have.

Instore Credit
Depending on your level of membership you will be eligible for an amount of in-store credit. A valid credit card is required. A monthly statement will be sent to you by email and your credit card will be charged 10 days later.

Do I have to have in-store credit?
No, you can be at any level of membership and have 0 credit in store.