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Kickstart your summer with a fitness retreat to focus exclusively on your health and well being with Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats. First up is TUSCANY on 29th April - 6th May, the week is hosted in the foothills of the Luna Mountains in a stunning villa perfect for relaxing in at the end of each day. Their ethos is based on mindful movements, and you will be guided through innovative outdoor training sessions, all balanced with daily yoga and a healthy, nutritional menu.

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Book with a fitness buddy and benefit from 30% off a twin room each , everything included!  Use code MAT17 and email for more info.

Why we need to move naturally, mindfully, and in nature to optimise our health.

Natural human movement is not an option but a necessity. Modern movement is constricting our bodies and our souls. Isolating muscle groups is a reductionist and restrictive approach to physical development, and slavishly following a mind-numbing routine for end goals is distracting us from the process and leaving our spirits flat. Using our bodies intuitively - like our monkey ancestors immersed in nature and in line with our evolutionary past is fundamental to efficient movement and a strong, agile body fit for purpose.

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Locomotive, Manipulative and Combative Skills

Natural human movement comprises locomotive skills such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, or swimming; manipulative skills such as lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching; and combative skills such as striking and grappling.

Have a break from multi-tasking

Today’s modern mind is constantly distracted by various sensory stimuli, whether it is music, TV, facebook or your thoughts, it is easy to think of something else. Your body is in one place and your mind in another. Mindfulness in today’s hectic life is a priceless experience and a rare skill that you must learn to adopt. No physical competency is possible without awareness, alertness and focus. Mindful movement is an opportunity to reconnect the mind and body to the moment and your physical performance will benefit beyond measures.

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A retreat away with Mountain Beach

The essence of our retreats will inspire you to enjoy mindful movement for movement’s sake in a beautiful environment. We take advantage of the natural environment and the stunning settings and encourage you to reconnect with your body. This practice will not only allow you to reach your physical potential but give your spirit an injection of joy.

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