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Best Mountain bike trails in Verbier
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Since the laws were relaxed and the bike parks and trails were expanded back in 2014, Verbier’s downhill mountain bike trails have started to rival even Morzine as a mecca for mountain bikers.

It's hardly a surprise.

First, there’s an incredible range of scenery to take in, a completely different experience to in Winter.

Plus, there's the added pleasure of heading down some of the same trails you may have done on skis.

Most of the best trails are easily accessible from the Médran chairlift right next door to us at Mountain Air.  

Then you just head up the La Chaux express to La Fontanets.

Downhill trails
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Beginner trails are marked in blue, and the best all-rounder to get your started is probably Tsopu. 

It's a pretty solid 2.5km stretch with a fairly moderate descent of around 400m. 

Make your way towards La Croix de Coeur from the top of Les Ruinettes to join the trail. 

Follow it as it winds down towards Le Carrefour before sweeping back towards Verbier. 

If you’re feeling brave, you can even join one of the final stages of the official competition trail ‘Tire’s Fire’ at the end. 

This will take you right back to Médran.

Another great trail to get your started is Verbier to Le Chable, which comes with the handy bonus of a gondola all the way back to the start. 

Starting on the edge of town, it winds down the mountainside through a mixture of open ground and wooded areas, before ending in central Le Chable, right around the corner from the lift. 

For more advanced riders you have the choice of two excellent expert runs (marked in red) from the top of La Fontanet. 

The shorter Bortabitche trail takes you hurtling down round pretty stiff corners with a couple of opportunities to catch some serious air, interspersed with a pretty hairy, slower boarded section across a particularly rocky area.

The longer Rôdze route is stacked with jumps, some of them stomach-clenching leaps out over some beautiful but deadly scenery. 

The combination of the two will have you going up and down the mountain all day.

Enduro/Cross-country trails
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Recently, 'Enduro' has increased in popularity in a similar way to ski-touring. 

Verbier has a vast network of trails for you to explore by bike over a few hours, a day, or more.

There are over 400km of trails to choose from, for all experience levels. 

For a full list of routes check out our infographic here. 

One of the most well known trails in the area is the ‘Tour de Mont Fort’, which has both a 48km beginner and a 59km pro route.

The ‘Easy-Rider’ route has about half a kilometre of climbing, but over three kilometres in descent, and it includes three lifts to help you along your way should you choose.

Starting on the outskirts of Verbier the route takes you up through Croix de Coeur to La Tzoumaz and on to Nendaz. 

Then you sweep in a wide arc back around to Verbier via La Chaux and over Les Ruinettes.

The pro version of the trail takes alternative routes over a couple of sections. 

This increases the climb to over two kilometres, with a similar descent of around three kilometres.

It’s not the most technically challenging course, but the distance and the ascent that will test you.

If you're up for a serious challenge - opt out of the lifts!

Even the fittest and most experienced riders will struggle to complete this course in under 6 hours, so plan for 8 at least.