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Verbier: Summer on the Mountain

A holiday means different things to different people. For some, it might be a trip to the beach or a glass of wine overlooking a foreign skyline. For others, it means getting out and exploring the wondrous mountains and pushing their bodies to the limit.

Situated in Place Blanche, next to the Medran lift, Mountain Air is an ideal activity holiday location. During the winter, Mountain Air is known for its wide range of winter activities. Skiing, whether it’s Alpine, Backcountry, Rando or Telemark, snowboarding and snowshoeing are available during the colder months.

But did you know that Mountain Air also caters for summer mountain goers? If you prefer the warmer, summer months, you can enjoy activities like climbing, biking, hiking, trail running and via Ferrata. If you’d prefer to stay off the mountain, we also offer yoga classes.

As you know, at Mountain Air, it’s not just about the snow. Let’s explore the summer activities available at Mountain Air.


During the summer, Verbier has over xxx km of trails and the renowned Verbier bIke park. for the avid mountain biker. If you need advice on which trail is best suited for you, or which bikes are bested suited for the different routes, the Mountain Air staff will provide you with the all the guidance you need to sure that your biking experience is fantastic.

If you need a rental, the Mountain Air store offers a variety of Scott bikes, including mountain bikes, downhill, enduro and electric, are available for all types of biking trails, as is protective gear, such as helmets. We also allow for bike exchanges, so if you feel like doing a mountain trail and then doing a downhill route, you can swap your mountain bike for a downhill one.

For anyone using a rental, a lock and puncture repair kit can be provided on the off chance that you might get a puncture. The repair kit isn’t the only way we can help: the highly trained Mountain Air team will help get you back on your journey as soon as possible. Clothing and accessories are also available for purchase.



It’s vital to have the right gear to ensure your safety when climbing the mountain. This is why Mountain Air aims to provide the best equipment for both experienced and beginner climbers. Our climbing equipment is available for purchase or rent.

If you’re worn out from a busy day and still want to do some climbing, check out the free outdoor wall climbing in town [insert image of wall climb].


The Verbier area offers over 400 km of hiking trails and routes, offering a wide range of routes, whether you're an experienced hiker, or just looking for a gentle walk in the mountains. Regardless of your hiking experience, all the hiking routes offer a spectacular view of the mountains.

Mountain Air offers a wide range of clothing, hardware and shoes to ensure the best mountain hiking experience, whether it's local hiking at Verbier or other locations.

Trail Running

For the more adventurous mountain runner, there are a number of trail running routes at Verbier. The area has so much to offer that it has become home to the Trail Verbier St. Bernard, a competition made up of multiple trail running routes that all end in picturesque Verbier.

Mountain Air offers a wide selection of accessories, clothing and shoes so you can focus on the run.

Via Ferrata

If you are a less experienced climber or just want to take it easy, the via Ferrata option is available to you. Via Ferrata routes provide the climber with assistance using tools such as iron rungs, pegs and ladders. This makes harder climbs easier to tackle, while still offering the climber thrills and excitement.


schools out.jpeg 

A weekly yoga class is available at Mountain Air at 9.30 am on Thursdays. Each session costs 15CHF per person and is open to any level of yoga practitioner. Childcare is offered by Petit Verbier for 10CHF per hour if your children need supervision during your session. Whether you are a beginner or at expert at Shavasana, Mountain Air has the best yoga clothing and accessories to suit your body, no matter the pose.

Mountain Air is also offering a 10% discount on Mountain Activity Rentals. If any of these mountain activities caught your eye, be sure to take advantage of that now.

If you need more information on the mountain biking in Verbier, be sure to download our Mountain Bike E-Book.

Our team of staff who are knowledgeable and equipped to bring you necessary expertise about the mountains to ensure you have the greatest experience.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us for more information.